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sgml questions


I am in the process of updating my howto and have a couple of questions:

jade parses my sgml into only three html files.  How can I
force it to parse into smaller chunks? (the command I am using is jade -t
sgml -i html -d /usr/local/SGML/ldp.dsl\#html ../MultiOS-HOWTO-0.5.sgml) 

I reference several existing howtos and want to make links to them.  The
howtos show up in various places on ldp, where should I point? 

Is there a way to write the sgml so that when you create a pdf, html, or
postscript output they will each point to referenced documents of the same

I have a table in the howto (see section 3.2), each cell (well actually only
one cell now) of which is/will be a link to additional information.  I have not
found a way to keep that additional information from showing up as a section
of the document. Is there a way to write the sgml so that the only way to get
to it is through the table reference?

The update so far is available at http://www.smart.net/~rwschul/HOWTO/HTML and

Any comments, suggestions or recommendations appreciated but please remember
this is a work in progress, not a finished product.


Bob Schultz

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