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Re: Installing Linux With exsisting Win98 And Win 2000 O/S's

"Mark J. Schaeffing" wrote:
> Can anybody please tell me if installing Linux 6.2 on a third drive,
> while having Win98 And Win/2000 on a seperate drive. I have three SCSI
> h/d's and no IDE devices. One that is 18 gig's, partitioned into a 7+
> gig C:\ drive and the other partition is 10 gig's and labeled as the D:\
> drive. The Windows 98 OS is FAT32 and the Windows 2000 is NTFS. I have
> read so many doc's on this but can't seem to find two alike. Everyone
> seems to have a different way of doing this.

These days I contributed some maintained mini-HOWTOs regarding WinNT and
Linux. You may try and see if that works in your case.


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