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Re: Boilerplate License Revision Proposal

      I support allowing option A (allowing the author to
    restrict/ prohibit modification) not because I believe in option A
    but because it has been a long-standing policy of LDP to allow it.
    Many of our HOWTOs have such a restriction.  

If the point is that you don't want to reject those old HOWTOs, how
about "grandfathering" them as special exceptions?  Just because these
restrictions have been accepted sometimes in the past is no reason to
make more of them in the future!

Each modification-restricted HOWTOs can turn into a problem for the
LDP.  What happens if the original author stops working on one, and
nobody else is allowed to update it?  They are also a major problem
for anyone who wants to make a 100% free GNU/Linux distribution, since
he has to find them and toss them out.

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