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Re: Boilerplate License Revision Proposal

>There are many non-free books about the GNU/Linux system--so writing
>another won't really change the situation.  On the other hand, writing
>even one free manual makes a big difference.

Everyone seems to think that to "allow" someone to write a non-free manual
is somehow a detriment. This is simply not the case. Free manuals are
great. I maintain two (the Networking HOWTO and WWW HOWTO) myself.

This is not about whether or not we should allow free manuals. That is a
no-brainer. It is about the "option" for a potential professional writer
to enable the ability to make a living off of the documentation he is
creating. The inability to allow a person to make a potential living doing
something he loves, writing Linux documentation is a crime all in its own.

Everyone speaks about "freedom". Don't forget that it is impossible to
have freedome without the restriction thereof. Without the a basic
restriction of freedom you obtain a non definition similar to that of

This may not be a bad thing. It would be great if everyone worked within a
barter system. A system where everything you aquired was earned through a
mutual hard work, trade off scenario. At this point this is not

My political diatribe aside. Consider it.

Joshua Drake


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