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Re: Boilerplate License Revision Proposal

Le ven, 28 jui 2000, Poet/Joshua Drake a écrit :

> This is not about whether or not we should allow free manuals. That is a
> no-brainer. It is about the "option" for a potential professional writer
> to enable the ability to make a living off of the documentation he is
> creating. The inability to allow a person to make a potential living doing
> something he loves, writing Linux documentation is a crime all in its own.
> Everyone speaks about "freedom". Don't forget that it is impossible to
> have freedome without the restriction thereof. Without the a basic
> restriction of freedom you obtain a non definition similar to that of
> Anarchy.

> My political diatribe aside. Consider it.

I think this is quite off-topic. LDP has no monopoly at all and anybody
can write anything without considering us.

BUT. I think most HOWTO authors did largely benefit of the others work,
it's there very difficult to know what is an "original" work, and in
addition, it's nearly impossible to make money of a small paper
(eventually, publish it as an article).

on the other side, there are great drawbacks having to deal with
restrictive licences.

I think than this discussion must seem academic to most HOWTO writers who
don't know at all what kind of licence they may use if any.

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