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Re: Outline for Author's Guide

> What kind of tools? I think preparation of the AG should precede
> working on tools. We really don't want people moving to DocBook until
> the AG is complete and they can follow it. I'm also not sure what
> tools need to be created, other than perhaps doing a linuxdoc2docbook
> mass conversion to give pre-existing authors something to start from.

I think a set of minimal tools should be in place with the guide for 1)
using DocBook and 2) converting existing LinuxDoc to DocBook.  I do not at
this time want to see any type of migration from LinuxDoc -> DocBook by
any of the authors at this time.  I am only making suggestions on what
should accompany the Guide when it's given to the authors/maintainers. 

I personally do not see the Author's Guide without them nor do I see the
tools without the Guide.

Yes, I agree that we can write a script to get all the current docs
created, but I also think that allowing the authors to do this themselves
would be a nice beginning point.

This is not a chicken/egg question.  I would just like to see they both go
hand-in-hand.  Could just be a personal opinion on my part and I'm
perfectly willing to listen and/or change my mind if there is a need.


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