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Re: Outline for Author's Guide

>>>>> "Tim" == Tim  <tjbynum@wallybox.cei.net> writes:

    Tim> Hello....
    >> I'm including as an attachment a draft of an agenda for this
    >> committee, including an outline for the Author's Guide, which I
    >> propose as our first major deliverable..

    Tim> I would also like us in the beginning to come up with a set
    Tim> of tools that will assist in the migration from LinuxDoc to
    Tim> DocBook.  I feel this would be invaluable and would greatly
    Tim> complment the Author's Guide.

What kind of tools? I think preparation of the AG should precede
working on tools. We really don't want people moving to DocBook until
the AG is complete and they can follow it. I'm also not sure what
tools need to be created, other than perhaps doing a linuxdoc2docbook
mass conversion to give pre-existing authors something to start from.

    Tim> Yes, the CVS has been set up (only for the current Docs) and
    Tim> there is CVSWeb as well.



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