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Policy issues


Ok, the outline I posted included a lot of stuff, some of which isn't
really "policy" that this committee needs to decide on, so if we are
gonna work on that stuff together, it should probably be done *after*
we discuss the policy issues.

At Tim's request, I've pulled out what seem to me the chief policy
issues from the outline. I think his idea, and I agree with it, is
that this list can form our agenda for discussion. We need to start
somewhere on the list and just grind out the items. And you thought
this committee would be fun...

Before we actually get into the list though, I'd like it if some of
you who have used DB -- or other SGML DTDs -- for non-trivial
documentation projects can look at this policy list and check my
work. In other words, I think a bit of discussion about the list
itself is warranted before attacking its items.

Anyway, here it is. It's long, but not every item represents an equal
amount of work; that is, some of these are fairly easy, others
aren't. So don't get too freaked out by the length, especially since
it will probably get longer before it gets shorter. <grin type="evil"/>

1. Which version(s) of DB?
2. How/when/why should the LDP "customize" DB, if at all.
    Define a DocBook subset?
    Extend the DB DTD?
3. I18n issues
4. Mapping DocBook types to LDP genres
5. Using Hub Files
6. Create a DB "stub" document for HOWTOs and Guides:
    Public Identifier
    a Sample Catalog
7. Discuss Document Reuse issues
8. Normalization, Validation expectations
9. Naming Conventions
    attributes (especially ID)
10. Entity engineering
     per author
     per document
     define some general entities
     entity submission and entity support
11. Policy for using marked sections:
12. Common and Role Attribute Usage (
13. Front and back matter usage
14. Common Element Usage
     Bold, italics, etc.
     Cross References
     Literal Layout
     File, path, and directory names
15. Policy for using Graphics
     For WWW
     For Print
     acceptable file formats, size constraints, etc.
16. Rendering Expectations


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