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SGMLtools-Lite 3.0.0

[sorry for sending "subscribe" to the list. Excuse of the day, flip, flip, was 
that I was a bit in a hurry and cut'n'pasted the wrong address from the 

I've released SGMLtools-Lite 3.0.0 (http://sgmltools-lite.sourceforge.net/), 
which is just the "Python shell" part (plus a couple of DSSSL customizations) 
of SGMLtools. This is an easy-to-install 50k tarball which gives you a lot of 
userfriendliness and totally hides that ugly Jade command line :-).

If you have comments and suggestions, please make them on SourceForge so I can 
keep track of everything.


Cees de Groot               http://www.cdegroot.com     <cg@cdegroot.com>
                            http://www.sgmltools.org   <cg@sgmltools.org>
pub 1024D/E0989E8B 2000-04-14 Cees de Groot <cg@cdegroot.com> fingerprint = 
0016 F679 F38D 5946 4ECD 1986 F303 937F E098 9E8B

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