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RE: LinuxDoc -> DocBook conversion tools

        Hmm...I had thought of writing a set of scripts to clean up the HTML, then
identify the places where I would substitute the appropriate HTML tags for
SGML tags, and iteratively move the docset closer and closer to DocBook. I
had found an html2sgml perl script that'll get me from HTML -> LinuxDoc
(though it needs some work).
        I figured if I could get it to that point, and then translate it from
LinuxDoc -> DocBook, that would solve 80% of it -- the rest will require
manual intervention.

        I'm going to look into your suggestion of massaging it into XML and
applying a stylesheet. I'm new to SGML/XML, so I'm still at the bottom third
of my learning curve, but there's enough info on the net and in the O'Reilly
book to get me going.



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goodwin@gnt.net said:
>     I'm looking for a conversion tool that will take LinuxDoc format
> and convert it to DocBook format.  

% sgmltools -b ld2db

The ld2db backend of SGMLtools drives a DSSSL stylesheet that converts
Linuxdoc to Docbook.

>    I am converting a bunch of HTML docs into DocBook format. If anyone
> has any other suggestions or knows and easier way for me to do this,
> let me know.  

I'd massage the HTML into something XML compliant (sgmlnorm might do the
and then apply an XSL transformation stylesheet.
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