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Re: More graphics questions

On 2 Jun 2000, Jorge Godoy wrote:

> Ok... since nobody answered you correctly, here it is:
> For PDF files you should use PDF, JPEG or other graphic files, but not
> PS or EPS ones. 

Yes, I figured this out just before I read your message. Apparently the
whole suite of .pdf-generation tools that depend on the TeX family can't
deal with any other vector format. 

So what I wound up doing was adding a Perl script to my Makefile that
opens up the foo.tex intermediate file that jade generates, replaces every
instance of picture.eps with picture.pdf (I had multiple versions of each
figure in different formats anyway) and then calls pdfjadetex after it's
done. It's a hack, but hey :-)

> And really change you <graphic> tags by the <mediaobject>
> ones. DocBook 4.0 is out and 5.0 will be soon (1 year or so, when
> we'll be used to use these going-to-be-deprecated tags). 

Unfortunately I'm a complete DocBook newbie. I'm using the cygnus tools
and from what those .rpm's install, it appears that I am working against
the DocBook V3.1 DTD. Can someone point me at a .src.rpm with the 4.0 DTD?
I can't even use <itemizedlist> the way it's documented on the LDP summary
web page. 


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