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Re: .emacs sample, si vous plait

>>>>> "G" == Gregory Leblanc <GLeblanc@cu-portland.edu> writes:

    G> What are "psgml-table" and "tehom-psgml"?  Greg


;; Copyright (C) 1999 by Tom Breton
;; Author: Tom Breton <Tehom@localhost>

;; These are extensions to psgml that I have found useful when working
;; with XML, SGML, and HTML.  I would be happy to see them
;; incorporated into psgml.  If not, they are offered for general use.

;; The difference between tehom-psgml-add-element-to-element etc and
;; psgml-add-element-to-element etc is that the new functions let the
;; caller stipulate values for the various attributes of the added
;; element, while the old version only allows the user to do that at
;; runtime. 

;; In addition, new in version 1.3, the controller can stipulate
;; sub-elements, as long as they are valid optional elements.  It can
;; do this recursively as far as stack depth allows.

;; Also new in 1.3, tehom-psgml-insert-els lets you insert multiple
;; elements at once using the same controller format that
;; tehom-psgml-insert-element uses.

;; Also new in 1.3, numberpaths, which let you remember which branches
;; to take to "get to" an element.  This is useful when your code is
;; heavily editing the buffer.  If your code just saved the elements,
;; the positions of their stags and etags would quickly become
;; meaningless.


;; Copyright (C) 1999 Erik Helander
;; Author: Erik Helander <Erik.Helander@telia.com>

includes table support for psgml-most but has no docs ;)

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