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Re: table quirk, and ascii output suggestion

Grant Taylor <gtaylor@picante.com> wrote:
> I've just converted my HOWTO into DocBook, and am having a bit of
> trouble getting satisfactory table output.


Hi Grant and all,

To the appearance-of-lists-in-PS/PDF-output problem with HTMLDOC:
I sent a mail to EasySoft about this problem
a couple of weeks ago. I've got no answer yet.

Solution 1: As HTMLDOC is under the GPL, in theory anybody else could
fix it.

Solution 2: The DSSSL could be customized so as not to convert <para>
into <P> in the HTML output if it's the outermost element in a <listitem>.

Solution 3: Fix the HTML output itself:
sed -e '/<LI$/{N;s/<LI\n><P/<LI/;}' HOWTO.html | sed -e
'/<\/P$/{N;s/<\/P\n><\/LI/<\/LI/;}' > NEWHOWTO.html

There may be many more solutions such as using some other program rather


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