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Re: Moving to DocBook 4.1?

On Jul 27,  3:31pm, Dan York wrote:
> Subject: Moving to DocBook 4.1?
> ldp-docbook,
> Question for you... given that DocBook version 4.1 has been out
> since June 19th (http://www.oasis-open.org/docbook/ ) is there
> any plan to move LDP docs over to that newer version of DB?

Not to move/convert any docs over, but to *accept* documents marked-up
in 4.1 in addition to 3.x (and linuxdoc)...that's the current plan.
Beyond 4.1 is the acceptance of XML, and all it's issues. As you
an see, we still need to be as flexible as possible (imo).

Anyway, that's the current strategy. No specific timeframe has
been established. However, the acceptance of DocBook 4.1 shouldn't
be  a big jump from the environment we have now. I just need to
find some of that ever-elusive commodity they call "spare time".

This "print quality" output issue is really quite a nasty issue/


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