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Re: Moving to DocBook 4.1?

>>>>> "Dan" == Dan York <dyork@linuxcare.com> writes:

    Dan> ldp-docbook, Question for you... given that DocBook version
    Dan> 4.1 has been out since June 19th
    Dan> (http://www.oasis-open.org/docbook/ ) is there any plan to
    Dan> move LDP docs over to that newer version of DB?

    Dan> I've got DocBook v3.1 installed on my system and have been
    Dan> using that, but someone today just asked me why I'm not using
    Dan> 4.1...  and I guess my answer was that I've been following
    Dan> what the LDP has been doing, which so far has been v3.1.

I've talked to Greg Ferguson and the other people responsible for
this. They are going to install the new DTDs and update our catalogs
for using DocBook 4.1. 

LDP wasn't using DocBook 4.1 because the stylesheets had a bug and
were corrected only last Friday, as you can see in the ChangeLog for
the DSSSL stylesheets version 1.55 on http://www.nwalsh.com

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