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> From: Luis Villa []
> Is there an LDP stylesheet for Docbook XML 4.1? I have most of the XML
> stuff set up, so I'd like to use it for everything I do (including the
> upcoming update of my mini-HOWTO) but I'm unclear as to 
> whether or not the
> LDP can accept XML. Furthermore, I'd like my non-LDP docs to 
> have nice,
> LDP-style tables of contents, so I'd like to be able to 
> process everything
> on my own machine. So- is this going to be possible? Or 
> should I stick to
> SGML right now?

Right now, we don't have tools in place to use XML documents on our server.
However, you should be able to use XML for your main document, and use the
LDP DSSSL stylseheets to process your documents.  Unless you're willing to
put in a fair bit of work, I'd stick with SGML for the time being.

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