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Re: Using AbiWord as WYISYG editor for SGML? (DocBook or LinuxDoc)

Hi Randy,

(I'm sending this to ldp-docbook, where I think it's more apropos)

Randy Kramer wrote:
> Does anyone know of a real WYSIWYG  editor for SGML?  (or WYSIWYM as the
> LyX people might say)

The only one I know of is LyX, which has some serious limitations in terms of
supported tags and import of SGML.  If I had more time in the day, I'd
try and coordinate with the LyX people to fix some of this, as it's a great
WYSIWYM editor.

The rest of the SGML-aware editors fall into a few categories:

1)  Have internal database of SGML tags names and highlights tags.  vim does this,
but when the DTD gets updated, vim also has to be updated.  No ability for validation
from within vim.
2)  Use the DTD to highlight tags, shells to external programs to do your
validation.  psgml and nedit both do this.  Problem is you have to have the DTD
also installed to use them.
3)  Don't show tags as <foo>, but insert "graphic" image of the tag which can't
be directly edited by the user.  Automatically enforces DTD.  Probably best for
new users.  tksgml and WordPerfect for Windows both do this. 
> I'm thinking about editing (commenting on -- and maybe writing) some
> HOWTOs for the LDP, but I'd like an easy way to read the formatted
> document and insert my comments.

I use a combination of netscape and gvim.  I'll render the document into HTML, take
a look, then edit in gvim.  Repeat as necessary.


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