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Nicer looking printouts?

I want to print out some copies of the LAG for the Linux Expo, and I want it
to look like a real book (ToC with pages, index, etc).  The PDF and PS seem
to have some pretty big problems with it:

o)  The ToC is repeated.  Once with page numbers, one without.  I think
this is a holdover from the HTML output.

o)  Each subsection gets its own page.  While I like having a 101 page
guide, it can probably fit in 50 (25 if I duplex).  Since I like using
a lot of subsections, there's a lot of white space.

o)  The title page just lists the..title.  No authors or date.  The page looks
real bare.

I can't use HTML because the page numbers and ToC won't work right.  Any ideas?

Ferg, I think you'll probably have an answer for all of these, but I figured
I'd see if anyone else had ideas too...


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