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Re: Nicer looking printouts?

Jorge Godoy wrote:
> >>>>> On Wed, 11 Oct 2000 11:22:29 -0400, Mark Komarinski <markk@cgipc.com> said:
>     MK> o)  The ToC is repeated.  Once with page numbers, one without.  I think
>     MK> this is a holdover from the HTML output.
> Hmmm... Weird. How are you creating these files?
> Mine works OK.

Greg Ferguson and I are working on that.  He's getting more familiar with HTMLDOC
and we'll have a lot of these issues cleared up soon (I hope).  We got this one
>     MK> o)  Each subsection gets its own page.  While I like having a 101 page
>     MK> guide, it can probably fit in 50 (25 if I duplex).  Since I like using
>     MK> a lot of subsections, there's a lot of white space.
> You have to comment (i.e. use ';;' at the beginning of the line) the
> following line at ldp.dsl:
> (define (chunk-skip-first-element-list)
>   '())

Fixed that.
>     MK> o)  The title page just lists the..title.  No authors or date.  The page looks
>     MK> real bare.
> Hmmm...
> Mine has the document title and its authors.

>     MK> I can't use HTML because the page numbers and ToC won't work right.  Any ideas?
> Actually, the page index index is generated (usually, when you use
> Jadetex) with a Perl script that parses HTML output (collateindex.pl)
> Mark, I think that these problems are htmldoc's fault, and not our
> DSSSL stylesheet or system. If it's really happening at LDP, we need
> to fix it ASAP (either fixing htmldoc or installing tetex and
> jadetex...)

Oh, I know these are with htmldoc and not the DSSSL.  Is jadetex being maintained
by anyone?  Are the openjade folk working on fixing it up?


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