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Accents under Emacs

X Curse

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Debian in Spain

StarOffice for Linux

Accents under Linux

Keyboard Maps




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Well...here are some notes, tricks, some of these are specific to non-english speaking users and therefore not frequently answered in the common documentation. I hope these are useful for you now or sometime in the future.

Accents and others in Spanish for Emacs 

The only thing to do is to write in the file /.emacs the following:

All the documentation for RDBMS Mysql Emacs 

It can be found in: http://www.tcx.se 

Course on X11 (spanish only)

It is available in: http://laurel.datsi.fi.upm.es/~fperez/cursoX/indice.html 

Anything about X11

You can research and get informed on X11 here: http://www.rahul.net/kenton/xsites.framed.html 

Debian in Spain

Spanish users can get information on this Linux distribution at: http://www.virtualoffice.es/hispalinux or also at the following address: http://www.ediser.es/hispalinux 

StarOffice for Linux

There is a beta version of this Linux suite for free at this site: http://www.stardiv.com/staroffice/ 

At the moment they have available a static version, that is no Motif libraries needed.

Accents under Linux

To get accents working on your shell, create the file .inputrc in your home directory containing the following:
set meta-flag on
set output-meta on
set convert-meta off
export LC_CTYPE

Changing the Keyboard Map:

Would you like, for whatever reason, to change the keyboard mapping on your workstation?
Run this: 
where xxx.map is the new map you wish to load.

Handling Printing:

Let us review a series of commands to easily handle the printer queue.
  • The command "lpq" lets you examine the printer queue. With the -l option we get a full listing of information of the jobs queued, 
  • lpq  -l
  • "lprm" lets you remove jobs queued in the printer spool for printing, 
  • lprm [-Pprinter] [-] [user] [#]
    Between the brackets are optional parameters. The option "-" deletes all the jobs on the printer spool specified by -P. If -P is not given, then it will use the default printer. To delete a specific job number use the "#" option, the job number is given by the system when you print the file. Finally "lpc", lets you check the state of the printer and controls some aspects of its use.

Linux International:


Documentation in Spanish:

All the documentation on Linux available in Spanish can be found at: http://www.infor.es/LuCAS 


Files with the largest amount of information originally from the mailing lists linux-gcc y linux-java are in: http://homer.ncm.com 


Would you like to participate in a mailing list on programming under Linux completely in Spanish? write to:

Leave the subject field empty and write in the body:

subscribe linux-prog
To send mail to the list simply address it to:  

For more information:
  • Consult the Tips-HOWTO.
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