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Re: Kernel Hackers Guide

I'm still hard at work on the KHG, although I haven't put up any of my
work yet, and I don't intend to do so until I get something usable going. 
I think folding the KHG back into the LDP is a great idea though, and I'd
definitely be willing to do that in the future.

As for a time frame... it will be done "when it's ready." But I'm
expecting to have a web publishable version ready by the end of January or


On Sat, 11 Sep 1999, Alessandro Rubini wrote:

> Poet asked:
> > Anybody have a copy of this? Redhat has taken it down. Thus I have taken
> > it off the of the LDP website until we find a copy :)
> Ok, I didn't notice we just had a link to the RH site. Couldn't we, instead
> get a local copy of the beast? It looks like it is your intention for this
> specific case, but I would like it becomes a general policy...
> Tim replied:
> > ftp://wallybox.cei.net/pub/Linux/khg.tar.gz
> Yes, this has the *big* advantage of being the source format, although
> I think something was added later, after its move to hypernews.
> As fas as the khg is concerned, during July '99 I've been contacted by
> Dan Dickson who was willing to update and maintain the Guide. I'm
> quoting his ideas here below. Dan is Cc'd.
> Dan, any news about your project? What about folding it back to the LDP?
> > Just thought I'd let you know: I've started working on the khg in my spare
> > time for now. I put it up at:
> > 
> > http://www.amherst.edu/~didickma/khg/HyperNews/get/khg.html
> > 
> > Right now I'm focusing on the following stuff, in this order:
> > -- get rid of all the comments, and integrate useful suggestions and
> >    ideas into the khg.
> > -- update the khg to match the 2.2.10 kernel
> > -- edit for grammer.
> > -- create a nice looking web site.
> Unfortunately, I currently see no trace of KHG material under dan's home
> (and the link above is doesn't work).

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