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Re: translation issue for web site

In article <19990911033304.B27944@victis.oeil.qc.ca>
guylhem@oeil.qc.ca writes:

> > www.XX.linuxdoc.org are not the "mirror sites" of
> > www.linuxdoc.org, but the aliases for currently
> > existing pages of local documentation projects?
> That's right.
> We're discussing the possibility of adding a mirror to each local LDP
> site.

OK, so you mean for example, let www.ja.linuxdoc.org/us/
point the original LDP site, right? :-) 

I said "mirroring the local ldps is a good thing" in the
previous post, but come to think that the cost of page
mirror is not worth its usage, having read the following
Hugo's opinion:

In article <Pine.LNX.4.10.9909102223380.4669-100000@bastion.nl3155vj16.vanderkooij.org>
Hugo.van.der.Kooij@caiw.nl writes:

> However in such a case the webmaster should redirect to the proper place.
> This would mean that sites having say 10 hits per month on a certain
> language that takes up multi megabytes of files would not have to carry
> along a lot of slack.

Agree.  FYI, current ja site has about 50 Mbytes.  Assuming the
other local ldps also have comparable bytes, it's not good in
C/P mirroring them all over the world.  We already have
compressed translations in every FTP mirrors.  It should be
enough for most people, if he/she has WWW access to original
sites with FTP access to the nearest mirror.

> The use of proper redirection should be mandatory in case a certain
> language is not mirrored.
> So the webmaster decides to redirect hits to http://www.nl.linux.org/ru/
> to http://www.ru.linux.org/ru/

If we don't mirror but redirect, it's not so valuable to
prepare http://www.nl.linuxdoc.org/ja/ as URI, because
http://www.ja.linuxdoc.org is much more easy to remember :-)
Rather, we should concentrate on preparing good link pages
in each local ldps?

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