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Re: translation issue for web site

In article <Pine.LNX.4.04.9909121822270.17832-100000@oleta.mustec.eu.org>
psj@mustec.eu.org writes:

> > Instead, we can use mirror.XX.linuxdoc.org
>    Confusing for most folks who like to prepend web resources with
> www. and ftp resources with ftp.  It is a bad idea to move away from
> accepted practice - it is accepted practice for a reason.

OK, I withdraw the previous proposal mirror.XX.linuxdoc.org.

> > Another (and maybe more important) point: I don't think all the local
> > ldp projects afford to mirror, or even if they do, there must be some
> > cases that they already have mirror sites in their country maintained
> > by another group (See http://www.linuxdoc.org/mirrors.html. The latter
> > is the case for us in Japan).
>    This is not really the issue we are debating (although it is
> related).  We are currently looking at a mirroring scheme - not a way for
> local translators to be accessed.  It will mostly be the case that a local
> translation site is not the official mirror as you have pointed out above.
> The better scheme which we debate is that official mirrors are
> www.XX.linuxdoc.org and translators need not maintain any independent web
> site put post translations to www.linuxdoc.org/YY/ for mirroring around
> the world.


# But I'm still confusing, which to be www.XX.linuxdoc.org,
# XX local contents or www.linuxdoc.org...  The latter may be
# preferable, if contents negotiation works?

The following is FYI.

Various linux projects in japan share www.linux.or.jp as
http;//www.linux.or.jp/(PROJNAME)/, using apache virtual

ServerAdmin  webmaster@linux.or.jp
ServerName   www.linux.or.jp
DocumentRoot /home/www/root
Alias   /jrpm/          /home/www/jrpm/
Alias   /jrpm           /home/www/jrpm/
Alias   /lus/           /home/www/lus/
Alias   /lus            /home/www/lus/
Alias   /lbi/           /home/www/lbi/
Alias   /lbi            /home/www/lbi/
Alias   /rc5/           /home/www/rc5/
Alias   /rc5            /home/www/rc5/
Alias   /JF/            /home/www/JF/
Alias   /JF             /home/www/JF/
Alias   /JM/            /home/www/JM/
Alias   /JM             /home/www/JM/

Contents of each directory (/home/www/...) are provided
for mirrors with independent rsync modules, so that admin
of each site can select which to mirror.

If LDP would use this scheme, admins of local ldp site
could select which to mirror, even nothing but push all
YY's to his domestic (or any) mirror server.

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// Appl. Phys., Engr. SEIKEI Univ.
// E-mail : nakano@apm.seikei.ac.jp
// http://surf.ap.seikei.ac.jp/~nakano/

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