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Re: translation issue for web site

On Mon, 13 Sep 1999, NAKANO Takeo wrote:
> How about separating the mirroring function from www.XX.linuxdoc.org?

        Because that is the established way of mirroring which works very
well with other projects (eg. linux kernel (ftp.XX.kernel.org) and Debian

> Instead, we can use mirror.XX.linuxdoc.org

        Confusing for most folks who like to prepend web resources with
www. and ftp resources with ftp.  It is a bad idea to move away from
accepted practice - it is accepted practice for a reason.

> Using this rule, we can use XX as location info (e.g. country
> code such as "us" or "jp") and YY as language info ("en" or "ja"),
> and user easily can determine where they should go.

        To re-iterate, this is exactly what is proposed with

> Another (and maybe more important) point: I don't think all the local
> ldp projects afford to mirror, or even if they do, there must be some
> cases that they already have mirror sites in their country maintained
> by another group (See http://www.linuxdoc.org/mirrors.html. The latter
> is the case for us in Japan).

        This is not really the issue we are debating (although it is
related).  We are currently looking at a mirroring scheme - not a way for
local translators to be accessed.  It will mostly be the case that a local
translation site is not the official mirror as you have pointed out above.
The better scheme which we debate is that official mirrors are
www.XX.linuxdoc.org and translators need not maintain any independent web
site put post translations to www.linuxdoc.org/YY/ for mirroring around
the world.


        Paul S Jenner
        GNU/Linux Advocate

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        WWW:    http://www.mustec.eu.org/~psj/


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