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Re: [off topic] Re: Licensing issues

On Wed, Sep 22, 1999 at 05:22:30PM +1000, Terry Dawson wrote:
> I believe the LDP could better meet the needs of the community by
> implementing some structure, standards and process. It has always had
> some of those things, but I don't believe they've kept up with
> community expectations. The LDP has failed to evolve.

We're trying to.

BTW, ldp-submit mailing list is working now, could some QC volunteers
subscribe (mail ldp-submit-request) to start checking submitted
documents ?

Tim, I suggest you now only allow documents submitted to ldp-submit
(forward to ldp-submit the docs you receive directly)

> As I somewhat cynically suggested in another mail message, the LDP does not
> have any sort of agreed decision making process. We can talk and talk and talk
> but nothing will happen until people do things and they're either quietly
> accepted or they produce debate.

Please make clear suggestions we'll discuss and, if we agree, adopt.

For the licensing problems you have been talking about, I now strongly
believe the DGPL as a single license could fix all that.

I'm not saying we should change the license of each current document,
but we should consider accepting only DGPL'ed documents in the future.

Why ?

The DGPL has no major flaw, has been written especially for the
documentation, and it can change if we request it.

It's the license that best fit LDP needs in all the licenses I've read
so far : it protects the document, the author, and is designed for our
current problems (collaboration with commercial printers, merging,
forking versions...)

> That's how it works isn't it?

I don't want to impose anything, but if there's too much disagreements,
or discussions that leads to nothing, I'm sorry but I will have to
decide what I think is the best solution for the LDP.

It's not an easy task, but we *need* some changes.

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