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Comments on web site.

The information on how to submit a new or updated document is way way too
many clicks away. I had to go looking to find it. I suggest you put something
on the front page that provides a direct link to a simple page that explains
the process and provides the email address. Having a link from that page
to the HOWTO-HOWTO would be appropriate.

I've now realised that the banner ad is in fact for the sponsor of the
logo contest .. that isn't at all clear. At the very least the title
of the front page, you know that bit that says
"The Linux Documentation Project" should be at the top of the page, not beneath
the banner ad.

Most people are going to be more interested in the documentation than the
core team .. I suggest reordering the sidebar descending as:

        Documentation, Information Links, LDP Info, The Core Team, Important

"Important" could probably be retitled "Mirrors" since that's all it discusses

I'd like the see the titles of the Guides in

made a bit more obvious, they get lost in garble. These are significant works
and should be featured. I find the section quite difficult to read. I find the
HOWTO section below much easier to read, but I think I'd again make the HOWTO
class names a bit more obvious .. it's very easy to see the lists of versions
of each class, but the title of class is lost and undifferentiated from the
surrounding irrelevance.

The LDP Manifesto has lost an important word from very first sentence of its
Overview. What happened to "free" ? The goal of the LDP has always been to
produce good free documentation. The "reliable" is gratuitous surely? It'd
be naiive to believe we were working on producing unreliable documentation.
"The Linux Documentation Project produces free, high quality documentation
for the Linux operating system". We ought to consider GNU/Linux there, or
drop the "operating system".

http://www.linuxdoc.org/copyright.html is still incorrect, misleading and
inconsistent. There is no single license that applies to all LDP documents.
What you have listed there still refers to Matt's "Installation and Getting
Started" obviously from where it was taken. It talks about the GPL being
reproduced below and it isn't, it's just referred to.

The "Publishing LDP Manuals" section of the new Manifesto is equally
misleading because it too implies there is some blanket license that
covers all LDP works.

I don't like the text in the sidebar being wedged hard against the cell
borders in the sidebar, it makes it difficult to read.


terry@albert.animats.net, terry@linux.org.au

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