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Re: Comments on web site.


Uhmmm.... the link is 1 click... outside of putting the actual howt-howto
on the main page I can not make it any shorter than that.

Try clicking on: Contribute/Submit on the front page on the left hand


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<WEBMASTER>LDP            - http://www.linuxdoc.org        </WEBMASTER>
On Mon, 27 Sep 1999, Terry Dawson wrote:

> The information on how to submit a new or updated document is way way too
> many clicks away. I had to go looking to find it. I suggest you put something
> on the front page that provides a direct link to a simple page that explains
> the process and provides the email address. Having a link from that page
> to the HOWTO-HOWTO would be appropriate.
> ---
> I've now realised that the banner ad is in fact for the sponsor of the
> logo contest .. that isn't at all clear. At the very least the title
> of the front page, you know that bit that says
> "The Linux Documentation Project" should be at the top of the page, not beneath
> the banner ad.
> Most people are going to be more interested in the documentation than the
> core team .. I suggest reordering the sidebar descending as:
>    Documentation, Information Links, LDP Info, The Core Team, Important
> "Important" could probably be retitled "Mirrors" since that's all it discusses
> anyway.
> ----
> I'd like the see the titles of the Guides in
>    http://www.linuxdoc.org/docs.html
> made a bit more obvious, they get lost in garble. These are significant works
> and should be featured. I find the section quite difficult to read. I find the
> HOWTO section below much easier to read, but I think I'd again make the HOWTO
> class names a bit more obvious .. it's very easy to see the lists of versions
> of each class, but the title of class is lost and undifferentiated from the
> surrounding irrelevance.
> ----
> The LDP Manifesto has lost an important word from very first sentence of its
> Overview. What happened to "free" ? The goal of the LDP has always been to
> produce good free documentation. The "reliable" is gratuitous surely? It'd
> be naiive to believe we were working on producing unreliable documentation.
> "The Linux Documentation Project produces free, high quality documentation
> for the Linux operating system". We ought to consider GNU/Linux there, or
> drop the "operating system".
> ----
> http://www.linuxdoc.org/copyright.html is still incorrect, misleading and
> inconsistent. There is no single license that applies to all LDP documents.
> What you have listed there still refers to Matt's "Installation and Getting
> Started" obviously from where it was taken. It talks about the GPL being
> reproduced below and it isn't, it's just referred to.
> The "Publishing LDP Manuals" section of the new Manifesto is equally
> misleading because it too implies there is some blanket license that
> covers all LDP works.
> ----
> I don't like the text in the sidebar being wedged hard against the cell
> borders in the sidebar, it makes it difficult to read.
> regards
> Terry
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> terry@albert.animats.net, terry@linux.org.au
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