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Comments on web site.

>>>>> "Terry" == Terry Dawson <terry@albert.animats.net> writes:

    Terry> Most people are going to be more interested in the
    Terry> documentation than the core team .. I suggest reordering
    Terry> the sidebar descending as:

I couldn't agree more; this is astoundingly obnoxious as it currently
is; I can't recall any free software project with a more
self-promotive "core team" section. Not only is it just overly
self-promotive of the "core team" (which has, after all, only been in
place for a few months), but it also doesn't say *anything* about who
started the project, it's history, those who went before, etc.

This is very much not in the spirit of the free software community,
and I'd certainly like to see it changed.

The overall impression is very misleading; it is, undoubtedly, the
vast array of authors who together make the LDP an invaluable
resource; you "core team" guys need to dial down the egos.


Kendall Clark
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