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Re: Comments on web site.

>>>>> "Poet" == Poet  <poet@linuxports.com> writes:

    Poet> Hello, Before we make assumptions that we have no idea
    Poet> about, let me state that a request has been put to several
    Poet> people for a written history about the LDP. We have yet to
    Poet> receive the document. We are also in the process of creating
    Poet> a sponsors document and an Auhtors section to give credit
    Poet> where credit is due in regards to hosting, programming and
    Poet> all of that kind of stuff.

    Poet> In regards to the Core Team statement, although there are a
    Poet> few out there that could truly care less about who the
    Poet> "team" is. I can honestly say that since we have placed the
    Poet> members in a very visible place people have been actually
    Poet> been becoming positive about the project.

    Poet> I have been contacted on numerous occasions about "Gee, it
    Poet> is nice to see who I can yell at now". It has also served a
    Poet> great deal in helping people direct their email to the
    Poet> correct places instead of just one person getting all of it.

    Poet> So next time, try asking question as to why or what instead
    Poet> of crawling on a soap box. We are working extrememly hard to
    Poet> turn the LDP into a much better situation than it has been
    Poet> in recent months, be patient we are trying to rebuild a lot
    Poet> of this from scratch.

Patience or impatience is simply not the issue. You asked for
comments, and now you seem peeved that some of them are negative.

This idea of yours of "from scratch" is *exactly* the problem! This
silly attitude comes through loud and clear on the site as it is, and
it's just patently false. What *precisely* are you guys doing "from
scratch"? After all, you started with a TON of pre-existing
material. There was already a website, already a mountain of
documentation (and backed up documentation), there was already an
identifiable "brand", namely, "LDP".

If you can't see how inappropriately self-promotive the site is, I
suggest you compare it to 10 or 20 of your favorite free software
projects. Are any of them so upfront about the "core team"? I don't
think so.

You asked for comments. You've gotten some from two different people,
both of which suggest, at least, a modulation of the way the "core
team" is being presented.

Choose to do with it what you will, you did solicit feedback. If you
don't like it, that's fine. But distorting the history of the LDP by
claiming to be doing much of anything "from scratch" is patently


Kendall Clark

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