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Re: QC volunteers? (Was: Re: General Positive Feedback re: revision of site (fwd))

> > Yes I would like to remove my documents from LDP.
> Then please give us a list, we'll remove them and :
>  - try to find other volunteers to rewrite these documents from scratch
> if you are the original author
>  - update from previous version if you are a maintainer
> With this example, I think we really need a special clause to the
> manifesto to leave some rights to the LDP if an author want to take his
> document off :-(

There you go again.  You're trying to make the LDP something that it
doesn't have to be.  Namely, a controlling and manipulative organization.

I can guarantee you this:  I would never, EVER use a license on my 
document that allows for what you just said.  You're being ludicrous.
Just because an author no longer accepts the goals and objectives of
the LDP is no reason for you to think you have some ownership of his
content.  If an author wants to give that to you, fine.  But otherwise,
it's his and you simply MUST respect that.  Why is this so hard?

It's called life.  You win some, and you lose some.  If the documentation
*exists* for free, there is not even a reason to bother finding another
author to replicate it *just* for the LDP.  No, the LDP doesn't cover
the topic.  Fine.  Someone does, though.  Did you ever consider the fact
that even if he does remove his docs from the LDP that he might still leave
them under a license that allows the LDP to simply pull them anyway?  Sure,
he's not on your author list and you now have to *poll* for updates instead
of having them handed to you, but that's not an unmanageable situation,
either.  Put them in a different area or something.  

Sheesh, methinks the LDP is starting to stray in directions that I don't
care to see it go.


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