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Re: QC volunteers? (Was: Re: General Positive Feedback re: revision of site (fwd))

>> > Do you want to remove your documents from the LDP ?
>> Yes I would like to remove my documents from LDP.
Guylhem Aznar wrote:
>Then please give us a list, we'll remove them and :
>With this example, I think we really need a special clause to the
>manifesto to leave some rights to the LDP if an author want to take his
>document off :-(

We don't have to remove them unless we want to.  This is because the
license permits free distribution and it can't be revoked except by legal
means such as a court order or by a termination clause in the license. 
(There's no termination clause in these, I've checked).  The license is a
contract which in this case is between the author and the LDP (or between
the author and Tim Bynum if you want to argue that the LDP is not a legal
entity).  Now anyone who has a copy may make copies and give them away. 
That's what we're (or Tim) is doing by putting it at Metalab. 

However, the author is not required to maintain it (unless he agreed to 
do so in the license which he didn't).  Can someone else maintain it?  
They could if the license said anyone could modify it.  The license in 
these docs is exactly the same license that Tim Bynum uses for his 
HOWTO-INDEX (which he wrote).  The paragraph on "derivative works" says 
that derivative works must use the same license (Tim called it a 
"copyright notice").  This seems to imply that permission to make derived 
works has been granted even though it doesn't state this explicitly.

The author can always modify his own work and put it under another license.
Anyway, I plead with Vladimir Vuksan to reconsider.  I've suffered 
delays in the past up to 2 months but recently my stuff got to Metalab in 
only a few days.
                        David Lawyer

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