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Re: QC volunteers? (Was: Re: General Positive Feedback re: revisionof site (fwd))

On Tue, 28 Sep 1999, David Lawyer wrote:

> We don't have to remove them unless we want to.  This is because the
> license permits free distribution and it can't be revoked except by legal
> means such as a court order or by a termination clause in the license. 
> (There's no termination clause in these, I've checked).  The license is a
> contract which in this case is between the author and the LDP (or between
> the author and Tim Bynum if you want to argue that the LDP is not a legal
> entity).  Now anyone who has a copy may make copies and give them away. 
> That's what we're (or Tim) is doing by putting it at Metalab. 

The reason why I have requested removal of the documents is that among
other things the documents are outdated and I hate having outdated
documents laying around. If that is not an option than at least I would
request that you remove my e-mail address from the document since I don't
want to get any more e-mails about issues I have already addressed which I
get these days courteousy of LDP. I have submitted two updates
to the Cable Modem mini-HOWTO (last version on LDP site is date June 22nd)
and I have neither the patience or the time to play the blame game with
Tim or Guylhem about where the documents are and when they will finally
institute a decent update system.

> However, the author is not required to maintain it (unless he agreed to 
> do so in the license which he didn't).  Can someone else maintain it?  
> They could if the license said anyone could modify it.  The license in 
> these docs is exactly the same license that Tim Bynum uses for his 
> HOWTO-INDEX (which he wrote).  The paragraph on "derivative works" says 
> that derivative works must use the same license (Tim called it a 
> "copyright notice").  This seems to imply that permission to make derived 
> works has been granted even though it doesn't state this explicitly.
> The author can always modify his own work and put it under another license.
> Anyway, I plead with Vladimir Vuksan to reconsider.  I've suffered 
> delays in the past up to 2 months but recently my stuff got to Metalab in 
> only a few days.

I am really sceptical. I don't want to be left to Tim's mercy anymore. I
want to be able to update my own documents, if that is not possible sorry
I am out of here and no middle of October is not a good answer since I can
set up a CVS server and all the necessary LDP scripts in about a day. LDP
leadership obviously has other priorities.


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