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Re: QC volunteers? (Was: Re: General Positive Feedback re: revision of site (fwd))

On Tue, Sep 28, 1999 at 02:05:53PM -0400, Donnie Barnes wrote:
> There you go again.  You're trying to make the LDP something that it
> doesn't have to be.  Namely, a controlling and manipulative organization.

I just want to keep documentation free.

> content.  If an author wants to give that to you, fine.  But otherwise,
> it's his and you simply MUST respect that.  Why is this so hard?

I fully respect his wishes, anyway I'd like to avoid that in the future,
when we won't have only *indivuduals* but also *companies* who'll hold

This will happen someday.

> author to replicate it *just* for the LDP.  No, the LDP doesn't cover
> the topic.  Fine.  Someone does, though.  Did you ever consider the fact
> that even if he does remove his docs from the LDP that he might still leave
> them under a license that allows the LDP to simply pull them anyway?  Sure,

I re-asked if he really wanted to remove his documents from the LDP.
I will not go against his wishes.

If he feels like providing a free version, fine, else will do without
it, and someday find an author who'll want to cover that.

> Sheesh, methinks the LDP is starting to stray in directions that I don't
> care to see it go.

What if a "deadly blockade of battleships" (I'm also a big fan of TPM,
I've seen it 5 times...) from some greedy commercial organisation
endanger the LDP in a near future ?

Vladimir is free to do whatever he wants with his document, but if
commercial printers provide us help or documents, we'll have to
think of the license issue.

I haven't any personnal grief with Vladimir, but I fear some commercial
printer could one day do the same.

And *that* would be a problem.

What if Alan Cox or some famous kernel hacker was hired by Microsoft and
decided to remove his code from the linux kernel ?

I think the GPL prevents this. I just want the same for documents.

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