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Re: Final Farewell??

Hugo.van.der.Kooij@caiw.nl wrote:
> > Figure out the licensing, figure out the distribution methods, figure out
> > if you want to use LinuxDoc or DocBook, get it documented (see my HOWTO HOWTO)
> > and then tell everyone else what the decisions are.  If someone doesn't agree
> > with it, then it's their fault for not volunteering for the core team.
> Any idea how someone would get into the 'core team'? A lot of things are
> not as simple as you present them here.

I don't know.  How do you get to be on the Linux core team?  Or Apache?
Or XFree86?  It's the same idea, really.
> > Just let us write documentation.  That *is* what we're here for, right?
> It is but denying authors the right to have their say in how this project
> is operated would be not a wise thing.

As I said, it's their own fault for not helping.  I don't write documents
for the LDP to make money or get my name in lights.  I do it to present
information easily to someone else.  If you want to make money,
go write for a magazine or write a book (yes, I do both).
> And to be honest. Getting in touch with someone (like Tim) over documents
> has been a real pain and I eventually gave up on trying to startup a
> document. For now I'll just keep to Dutch documents as there is enough
> work to do for Dutch authors.

That's why some automated system has to be set up instead of everyone
squabbling about how person X doesn't respond to their e-mail.


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