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Re: Final Farewell??

On Wed, 29 Sep 1999, Mark Komarinski wrote:

> Hugo.van.der.Kooij@caiw.nl wrote:
> >
> > > Figure out the licensing, figure out the distribution methods, figure out
> > > if you want to use LinuxDoc or DocBook, get it documented (see my HOWTO HOWTO)
> > > and then tell everyone else what the decisions are.  If someone doesn't agree
> > > with it, then it's their fault for not volunteering for the core team.
> > 
> > Any idea how someone would get into the 'core team'? A lot of things are
> > not as simple as you present them here.
> I don't know.  How do you get to be on the Linux core team?  Or Apache?
> Or XFree86?  It's the same idea, really.
> > > Just let us write documentation.  That *is* what we're here for, right?
> > 
> > It is but denying authors the right to have their say in how this project
> > is operated would be not a wise thing.
> As I said, it's their own fault for not helping.  I don't write documents
> for the LDP to make money or get my name in lights.  I do it to present
> information easily to someone else.  If you want to make money,
> go write for a magazine or write a book (yes, I do both).

It's not `their fault`. What good is a `core team` if it is just as big as
the number of authors + anyone else who thinks they have to have their

> > And to be honest. Getting in touch with someone (like Tim) over documents
> > has been a real pain and I eventually gave up on trying to startup a
> > document. For now I'll just keep to Dutch documents as there is enough
> > work to do for Dutch authors.
> That's why some automated system has to be set up instead of everyone
> squabbling about how person X doesn't respond to their e-mail.

Some things still need to be dealt with by email as things are not clear
on a number of subjects. For example
 - What's up with docbook SGML? (I for one don't write linuxdoc SGML at
   all anymore.)
 - How to handle with a howto that is not updated since spring 1997?
   (Can someone take over as their is no way of getting in contact with
   the original author anymore?)

Getting no answers for months as would-be author is counter-productive. I
think some QC is in order here. I for one gave up before I got started on
an English documents of some praktical issue's regarding firewalls. (A
number of issue's is missing in the IPCHAINS HOWTO. I do think they are
beyond the scope of that HOWTO so I don't blame the author for not
covering them.)


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