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Re: sgml-tools


> >I sent in August 3 a new version of the Portuguese-HOWTO that was never
> >updated at metalab and soon realized that I didn't want to spend the rest
> >of my life writing "if your Linux distribution is "Blah", ... , but if it
> >is "Turbo-Bla-Blah", ... :-P. With more than 20 Linux distributions on the
> >street, there were too much "..."s to write.
The doc had errors.  I have a lot of trouble processing documents for
other languages.  I replied to him and never heard back about the errors.
I've not been contacted since.

I'll look into sgml-tools and correcting what's wrong, but for now it's
not at the top of my list of things to do today as I have other things in
the work in regards to the current status and processing of HOWTOs.

> >I left all the LDP lists and LDP itself. It's dead to me.
> >
> >The answer to your question is: "I don't care".
No comment....

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