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Re: Banner ads

On Fri, Oct 22, 1999 at 11:14:27PM -0700, Jim Pick wrote:
> Much to my horror, I saw a banner ad at the top of the page for a
> company called "3D Technology".
> I couldn't believe it.  It looked like the Linux Documentation Project
> had been turned into some cheesy commercial website.  I was incensed.

We had to give a price for the logo contest, and we'll have the same
problem with linux expo.

3DT is certainly the only banner we will ever display.

But we still have the problem : how can we pay contests and be present
in expos? (we need to explain what is the LDP and present the new

I could negogiate a free booth for Linux Expo America (Montreal, QC),
but we still have to find out how can we pay hotel and travel.

Mandrake Linux will certainly help us, but we need a solution for the
next time.

> Remember, this is the primary repository for documentation for the
> Linux Operating System.  Linux is now officially a multi-billion
> dollar industry (with the Red Hat IPO, and more to come).  If this
> were a commercial website (which it isn't) - the ad space at the top
> of the page would be worth many thousands of dollars a month.

We have to discuss :
 a. Should we allow another adds?
 b. How much should we sell it?

We only have approx. $2000 which will be kept for serious issues (like
the ftp going down, or prosecution).

We won't be able to pay travel to Linux Expo America (we should give a
speech there to present LDP and the DGPL)

> I don't believe that "3D Technology" sponsoring a prize is worth the
> amount of exposure that they are getting.  A small thank you in the
> news items on the home page, and perhaps a larger mention on the
> contest pages should be more than sufficient.

We could try to move the add to the contest pages, or in the back of the
first page at least ?

Maybe it looks amateurish but this was the only solution for the logo

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