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Re: Banner ads

>>>>> "Guylhem" == Guylhem Aznar <guylhem@oeil.qc.ca> writes:

    Guylhem> But we still have the problem : how can we pay contests
    Guylhem> and be present in expos? (we need to explain what is the
    Guylhem> LDP and present the new license)

    Guylhem> I could negogiate a free booth for Linux Expo America
    Guylhem> (Montreal, QC), but we still have to find out how can we
    Guylhem> pay hotel and travel.

    Guylhem> We won't be able to pay travel to Linux Expo America (we
    Guylhem> should give a speech there to present LDP and the DGPL)

This is, imo, ridiculous. Why on earth would this need to be done? The
LDP -- despite some rough periods and one, imo, over-blown Slashdot
article -- is one of the *most* successful Linux projects. Ever. I
can't imagine needing to pay 'core team' members travel to 'introduce'
the LDP?

And, btw, I'd very much appreciate it if the unfortunate attitude that 
some of us perceive (and speak up about) from the 'core team' about
'us versus them' would go away. We should drop all mention of a 'core
team'. This is *not* the Linux way.

Some of you guys work on LDP in one way, other people work on it in
other ways. I hardly think that certifies some 'core team' to make
important decisions and pass on the results to the 'rest of
us'. That's got to stop. If it's not happening, the perception that it
is has to stop.

Finally, as for this other idea that 'it's only a few LDP people who
are upset so it's not a problem' that's just intellectually lazy and
sophomoric. If someone criticizes you or what you do, have the guts to 
defend yourself on the issues. Saying that it's only a few malcontents 
is dodging the issue and solves nothing.

If the 'core team' is going to continue to make decisions in this
unilateral fashion, then you're going to have to expect people to
criticize you for it; when that happens, at least have the decency to
respond on the issues. 



PS--I'm happy for *most* of the Web site changes, and the HOWTO
submission re-engineering. Now, if we can just move back to being a
Linux-like, rather than a BSD-like, project, the LDP will be perfectly 

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