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Re: Informal survey

On 23 Oct, Poet/Joshua Drake wrote:

> Maybe I am going in the wrong direction with this? What I mean was that
> the whole point that was brought up of negotiating/paying for things was
> that with the capability of doig just that we could attend things like
> Tradeshows and help spread the word.

I guess it boils down to: "spread what word and to whom?".

If what you're interested in is recruiting potential LDP
authors/contributors then I'd think that the most ripe area for finding
potential LDP contributors would be amongst the existing Linux
user-base, and to a lesser extent, the existing Linux developer

I'd think a prime profile for a potential LDP contributor would be
someone who wants to contribute to a particular development project, or
the Linux community at large, who sees the value of documentation as a
tool for promoting wide spread use of a particular suite of software or
Linux in general. They are probably not prime software developers as
they're likely to be too busy already. LDP contributors might be
alpha/beta testers, or enthusiastic users. They would perhaps also be
relatively new (a year or two) to Linux, or new to active contribution
to the community. They're also likely to be fringe dwellers with
interests that vary from the mainstream.

I think recruitment should be targetted at major development project
mailing lists, web sites where this class of person go: freshmeat for
example, and usergroups.

I think taking the LDP to trade shows and expos is likely to be
interesting and maybe even fun for those that go, but I doubt it'd be
effective as a recruitment exercise.

It might generate a bit of media interest maybe. I don't think it'd
hurt for the media to be brought up to speed with the idea that freedom
in the Linux community doesn't apply only to the software. Again
though, I think if that were a goal then we'd be better off just
issuing pre-canned pieces for the media to use - provide a media kit on
the web site for example.

> I am sure that we will find some contributors at trade shows. Although I
> am not sure of any "current" contributors... I may be wrong on this. The
> people that I would imagine seeing would be ESR or Matt Welsh. Neither are
> currently "ACTIVE" with the LDP, although at one time they were very.

You'd be preaching to the converter with Matt I'd think :)

If you wanted to send someone to *conferences* to talk about the LDP and
it's future that'd be great. But we'll to make sure we have one and we
know what the heck it is first.


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