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Re: Informal survey (was Re: Banner ads)

> > However I can write a quick&dirty bash script if it is *that* urgent for
> > you.
> Yes, we have no ideas what unexpected surprises are in store, so
> I feel it is best to fire up some scripts or even do it by hand
> so we get the documents out this month. Also it is a clear sign
> of things getting back on tracks.

Should be ready by next week... but who should I ask to resume posting
to cola?

Do you know who's the moderator?

> with choices of 'kill -9', 'rm -rf' etc. Amongst the articles
> I see genetically glow-in-the-dark christmas trees...


> > Maybe should we ask for a short README.documentation to be put in
> > /etc/skel ?
> Yes, we need to cater for those who haven't gotten X11 up
> and running yet. Many get no further than the command line
> before they need help.

I'm a bit overworked right now, would you like to write this file and
submit it to ldp-discuss ?

> I use Debian 2.1 at home with Netscape Communicator 4.7
> and the Debian installation system sets up some bookmarks.

We should ask debian to add ldp page.

> At work I have redhat 6.0 and the bookmarks for Netscape
> is sparse. The default page lists "Linux Documentation Project"

I'm sorry but I don't have this bookmark.

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