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I installed the RH6 RPMS of SGMLTOOLS CVS Build August and have been
testing it. Except for a very small error where I had to create a version
file and place the number 4 in it. It seems to be working fine.

I have converted the entire consultants howto (over a 600k doc) with no

You can get these files from here.


Please remember that RH6 uses glibc so you should have:

RH5.2 (maybe)
Suse 6.x
Caldera 2.x
Debian 2.x
Slackware 4. || >

I have not figured out if there is something as simple as make html
anymore but using jade from the command line hasn't been difficult at all.
I will say this.... jade is slow. I process on a P133 and with 1.x of the
tools were very fast. Jade with 2.x is slower, but considering the amount
of validating it does I guess that makes sense.

I have also grabbed the source, so if anyone fines a bug let me know, and
send me a patch. I will implement it.

Good Luck!

Poet/Joshua Drake

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