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Re: ldp website

Cc'ed to Joshua and ldp-discuss

 * the "non english" link should also be moved to the first page.
 * the french LDP is no longer on lip6.fr; you should update its adress
 to www.traduc.org

On Mon, Nov 29, 1999 at 07:04:03PM -0500, Ben Wheeler wrote:
> * the 4 main links of the site are not prominent enough; the links at the
> left and right of the screen pop out much more, so the eye goes to them
> first.  maybe the four main links could go on the left?
> And/or try going with prominent/large text for main links over graphics -
> I find they are easier to scream "LINK!" with.
> * it is not clear how to contact the ldp site people or the ldp in general
> -- a "contact us" link from the top level would be nice, even if it just
> brought the user to an anchor in the "about us" page.
> - differentiation between general ldp and ldp website contact would be
> nice too; I apologize that you're not probably the best person to send
> this to.

No, I can receive such message, my email is on the ldp ppl page on purpose :-)

> * the left column on the top level is slightly hard to read because the
> dates are not clearly enough associated with their respective content.  If
> they were centered or offset by an &nbsp or two, it would be easier to
> read.  Their color scheme is great.
> - same with the right column; if the postings were separated by a
> double-carriage return instead of "===", they would be easier to
> assimilate.  Also, if their descriptions were the first line of each
> posting instead of stuck in the middle, they would be easier to make sense
> of at a glance.
> Just some suggestions from an amateur site designer and linux lover...
> -Ben Wheeler

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