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> > that brings me to another question. I hear things about HOWTOs migrating
> > from LinuxDoc naar DocBook. Is this realised already? If so, shouldn't I
> > better write my HOWTO using DocBook instead of LinuxDoc? Or can I choose
> > which one I want to use? Since I haven't used DocBook yet, are there big
> > differences I should be aware of (like this different url tag would be
> > one).
> This *will* happen someday, but not in a near future.

Yes please continue submitting HOWTOs using the LinuxDoc DTD.  We will be
working diligently to get the ball rolling regarding software solutions,
dcumentation and guidelines for submitting documents to the LDP whether
they are Guides, FAQs, HOWTOs or any other type.

The Committee has been put together that will begin laying down some
guidelines for the LinuxDoc to DocBook transition.

I hope to begin this process by the beginning of next week.

I will keep you informed of all that goes on, or you can join the
ldp-docbook list to see how things are going.

I will be setting up sort a diary of sorts that will closely document the
happenings of this committee.  Again, this is a *very* informal committee
but one that must work closely and well together.

There is always room for volunteers who know quite a bit about DocBook, so
please feel free to join in if you can be of assitance.

Many thanks to all that support the LDP!

Best Regards,
Tim Bynum

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