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Re: fyi: site updates

On Jan 13, 10:11am, Kendall Clark wrote:
> Subject: Re: fyi: site updates
> >>>>> "Greg" == Greg Ferguson <gferg@hoop.timonium.sgi.com> writes:
>     Greg> <rant> I hear a lot of people complain on this list; and
>     Greg> complain about the LDP in general. Instead of this endless
>     Greg> stream of complaining, why not do something positive and
>     Greg> assist in either the site design, the content, etc.? Let's
>     Greg> make this damn thing *better*.  </rant>
> You mean to have the right to complain, translators and HOWTO authors
> have to *do something in addition to producing content*? What do you
> think content people and translators are doing other than making "this
> damn thing better"? Translating and writing documents isn't something
> positive?

I did not mean it in that sense. "Content is king", esp. wrt the LDP.

Everyone that has contributed should be acknowledged, IMO. My intent
was to try to provide that.  Obviously some people did not think my
initial attempt was correct, and that's fine. I will take the criticism
and suggestions and redo the work to fit what people want -- but the
way a few individuals approached the criticism could have been done
in a more constructive manner. Hence the rant. I apologize if it
offended anyone.

I did not mean for the pages to promote any type of "attitude". If
it came off that way, then it certainly needs to be corrected,
and we will work on that. I'm open to suggestions.

> I suggest you'll want to rethink this. Jorge Godoy has the right to
> criticize; he's helped translate LDP documents into Portuguese, thus
> making Linux accessible to *millions* of people. I'm totally disgusted
> that you'd suggest he doesn't have the right to criticize the main LDP
> web site. Further, I say that whoever is responsible for the look and
> feel of the main LDP Web site could take *many clues* from the
> Brazilian LDP site which is, IMO, much cleaner and better organized
> than the main LDP site.

It was not in any way, directed at him, nor at any others that have
contributed. His site is fantastic, IMO. It is now listed in the
translation table (again, I explained where I initially got this
data) and on the "Non English Information" page:


> Besides, I haven't seen an endless stream of complaining. I've seen
> people respond to changes that they don't like with
> counter-suggestions: i.e., the new volunteer page is unfairly weighted
> toward promoting the "leaders". That's not a complaint. It's a
> criticism. There's a difference.

Ok, so it has been changed:


and then an authors page, which will be filled-in with (at the very
least) the works people have contributed to:


> It's this kind of attitude from the "core leaders" of the LDP that is
> the entire problem.

There is no more "core team" or core leaders. There are people that
are contacts/volunteers for various aspects of the LDP.


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