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Re: fyi: site updates

Kendall Clark wrote:
> Besides, I haven't seen an endless stream of complaining. I've seen
> people respond to changes that they don't like with
> counter-suggestions: i.e., the new volunteer page is unfairly weighted
> toward promoting the "leaders". That's not a complaint. It's a
> criticism. There's a difference.

As much as I feel that this post shows entirely too much emotion, I
think that Kendall is right.  Everybody needs to just chill out a
little.  I don't really like the new volunteers page, at least not the
way that the part about the authors is layed out.  However, if you're
going to offer criticism, I think that it should be made constructive. 
The section that lits all the authors looks like a "blob".  Nobody is
going to read that, it's sort of like putting all the the movie credits
into a comma separated list and sticking that at the end of the movie. 
This could at least be listed in say a two column HTML table, with one
name in each (or more columns, I haven't played around to see what it
would look like), with a borders set to 1 or so.  This would set off the
individual names MUCH better than the "blob".  I'm not a HOWTO author,
because the docs that I work on aren't appropraite for this site, so I
can't say how I'd feel about my name being in that list.

> It's this kind of attitude from the "core leaders" of the LDP that is
> the entire problem.

Well, perhaps PART of the problem, be all things considered I think
they're doing a DAMN good job.

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