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Re: fyi: site updates

>>>>> "Greg" == Greg Ferguson <gferg@hoop.timonium.sgi.com> writes:

    Greg> <rant> I hear a lot of people complain on this list; and
    Greg> complain about the LDP in general. Instead of this endless
    Greg> stream of complaining, why not do something positive and
    Greg> assist in either the site design, the content, etc.? Let's
    Greg> make this damn thing *better*.  </rant>

You mean to have the right to complain, translators and HOWTO authors
have to *do something in addition to producing content*? What do you
think content people and translators are doing other than making "this 
damn thing better"? Translating and writing documents isn't something

I suggest you'll want to rethink this. Jorge Godoy has the right to
criticize; he's helped translate LDP documents into Portuguese, thus
making Linux accessible to *millions* of people. I'm totally disgusted
that you'd suggest he doesn't have the right to criticize the main LDP
web site. Further, I say that whoever is responsible for the look and
feel of the main LDP Web site could take *many clues* from the
Brazilian LDP site which is, IMO, much cleaner and better organized
than the main LDP site.

Besides, I haven't seen an endless stream of complaining. I've seen
people respond to changes that they don't like with
counter-suggestions: i.e., the new volunteer page is unfairly weighted 
toward promoting the "leaders". That's not a complaint. It's a
criticism. There's a difference.

It's this kind of attitude from the "core leaders" of the LDP that is
the entire problem. 

Kendall Clark
"Charging a price for my time will separate the expensive conferences that
attract powerful people from the marginal events where the hacker
community would get less leverage from my presence." -- Eric Raymond

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