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Re: fyi: site updates

I believe that we are more likely have a misscommunication here than
anything. One of the points of the Volunteer page was to eliminate the
"core leader" syndrome. I do believe that are trying to put forth more of
a community style acceptance.

Secondly I believe that Greg is referring directly to people who are
complaining about the website itself, and not a direction of people not
helping out with documentation or translation.

I will concur that we have many people that would rather bitch that get
off there ass and actually help. This is not pointing at anyone specific
but a general observation.

>From my perspective I can see where it would be very frustrating to put
effort into something just to have it completely ripped apart without so
much as a thank you. Even if something is miserable or completely
inadequate, it would still be nice to hear, "Thanks for the effort, BUT".
That doesn't happen, what we get is, it sucks, Good Lord or some other
inane mutation of negative connotative drivel.

Salut, GoodBye, Hello, SOL

Joshua Drake

On Thu, 13 Jan 2000, Kendall Clark wrote:

<CITE>>>>>> "Greg" == Greg Ferguson <gferg@hoop.timonium.sgi.com> writes:
<CITE>    Greg> <rant> I hear a lot of people complain on this list; and
<CITE>    Greg> complain about the LDP in general. Instead of this endless
<CITE>    Greg> stream of complaining, why not do something positive and
<CITE>    Greg> assist in either the site design, the content, etc.? Let's
<CITE>    Greg> make this damn thing *better*.  </rant>
<CITE>You mean to have the right to complain, translators and HOWTO authors
<CITE>have to *do something in addition to producing content*? What do you
<CITE>think content people and translators are doing other than making "this 
<CITE>damn thing better"? Translating and writing documents isn't something
<CITE>I suggest you'll want to rethink this. Jorge Godoy has the right to
<CITE>criticize; he's helped translate LDP documents into Portuguese, thus
<CITE>making Linux accessible to *millions* of people. I'm totally disgusted
<CITE>that you'd suggest he doesn't have the right to criticize the main LDP
<CITE>web site. Further, I say that whoever is responsible for the look and
<CITE>feel of the main LDP Web site could take *many clues* from the
<CITE>Brazilian LDP site which is, IMO, much cleaner and better organized
<CITE>than the main LDP site.
<CITE>Besides, I haven't seen an endless stream of complaining. I've seen
<CITE>people respond to changes that they don't like with
<CITE>counter-suggestions: i.e., the new volunteer page is unfairly weighted 
<CITE>toward promoting the "leaders". That's not a complaint. It's a
<CITE>criticism. There's a difference.
<CITE>It's this kind of attitude from the "core leaders" of the LDP that is
<CITE>the entire problem. 
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