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Re: Howtos processed

Gregory Leblanc wrote:

> That's pretty slick.  Just out of curiosity, has anybody done anything
> to go the other way?  Write in DocBook, output LinuxDoc?  The
> Software-RAID howto needs to be replaced (NEEDS), but I don't want to
> learn LinuxDoc as I'm already trying to learn DocBook.  BTW, should I
> decide to do it, posting it someplace else isn't something that I want
> to do.

The problem is: there are actually TWO Software RAID HOWTOs,
one for the old style which is in the LDP (v0.54, 21 November 1998 )
and one for the new RAID code (version 0.90 and above) which
is NOT part of the LDP but is on the net:

This could be the testing case of one HOWTO taking over another,
something I for one wished never would have to happen.

It is also an example of the dangers of redundant work on a project
already done on something not yet part of the LDP archives.

   Stein Gjoen

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