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Re: Howtos processed

On Wed, Jan 19, 2000 at 10:30:21PM -0800, Gregory Leblanc wrote:

> That's pretty slick.  Just out of curiosity, has anybody done anything
> to go the other way?  Write in DocBook, output LinuxDoc?  The
> Software-RAID howto needs to be replaced (NEEDS), but I don't want to
> learn LinuxDoc as I'm already trying to learn DocBook.  BTW, should I
> decide to do it, posting it someplace else isn't something that I want
> to do.
>    Greg

I don't see where this conversion would be necessary. And, to clarify,
both, DocBook and LinuxDoc, are SGML. They are different DTDs
(Document Type Definitions). A DTD is the file which contains the list
of valid commands on each context and it's the responsible for the
command names. IMHO the uso of DocBook is the best choice. DocBook is
a lot more powerful and complete than LinuxDoc (I've used LinuxDoc for
a long time and even written some articles teaching how to use it). If
you're writing a new HOWTO, do it in DocBook. If you're going to learn
SGML, learn DocBook.

If anybody in the list needs help using DocBook, I can help on using
it. I'll try to convert some tutorials I've made for my working team
to English and submit it to you, so that we also have a HOWTO on
writing with DocBook... What about?

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