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News and Important tasks (Was Re: mini-HOWTO)

Here's a quick sum up of this week discussions.

On Wed, Jan 26, 2000 at 11:36:59PM -0800, David Lawyer wrote:
> at LDP will be correct.  Also, if someone new takes over maintaining a
> doc, any mail sent to the old maintainer should be forwarded to the
> new one.  While the above proposal has some merit I think we have more
> important tasks to concentrate on.  

We need volunteers for any new task or project.

As Greg said, there's no longer a core team, we are just volunteers.

If someone can host howto-author.linuxdoc.org and set up
sendmail/qmail/anything accordingly (for ex
uucp@howto-author.linuxdoc.org pointing to me), nobody will complain
about this new possibility.

* News:

 - A call for volunteers will be posted in cola (Stern can you do that I
   should I post it)

 - I'm no longer the DocBook coordinator, Jorge Godoy
   <godoy@conectiva.com.br> is now in charge of that, with Greg help.

He has plans to provide current HOWTOs in DocBook for ppl needing that,
which would allow the sgml versions and the DocBook versions to coexist
for a while.

We will also open a DocBook section on the web site to host non-HOWTO
DocBook documents submitted, and therefore adverstise we now fully
support DocBook.

Jorge will explain his plans on the list.

 - The LDP should officially come to Linux Expo Canada in Montreal, QC
   from Apr 10 to Apr 12, thanks to Mandrake Software and Andrea Roy
   from Skyevents

David Lawyer, myself and maybe Alessandro Rubini will come.

We will have a booth next to the LUGs and the FSF and may give a

We'll explain what is the LDP, free documentation, documentation
licenses... and maybe find volunteers.

This will cost nothing to the LDP ; BTW please come and meet us if you

* Important tasks:

 - We should "advertise" on the web site something like "Please contact
the authors if you think the document could be improved. We love

Joshua, could you please do this?

A gif/jpg file with text comment for lynx users might help ; we could
also use it to announce other important news (ala freshmeat banners for
open source projects)

BTW, could somone get in touch with this open source project banner to
update the LDP banner with the new logo and someting like "We need

 - I still have many complains about non-english documents.

We must provide an evident link in the main page, many ppl don't find
where the link is and what it means.

Greg could you please add it?

 - Tracking documents and automatic processing is now a major concern.

While we have a peer review, a submit mailing lists, scripts to process
the documents (...) we still have very important lacks.

The documents should be processed automatically 2 days after being
received on ldp-submit (with a mail bot?), tracked automatically
(version number, date), and maintained/unmaintained status should also
be automatized.
Is there some software doing that or should we write it from scratch?
Who could set up this system ??

There are many projets, but to fulfill these projects we need volunteers.

If no one ever volunteers, of if the same overworked persons always
volunteer, the work will never be done (and you can't blame the former
core team for this)

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guylhem \@/ metalab.unc.edu             http://metalab.unc.edu/guylhem
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